Je viens d’apprendre une heureuse nouvelle le film Notre-Dame du Nil, réalisé par Atiq Rahimi, vient de remporter au Festival international du Film de Berlin 2020 le prix, Crystal Bear pour the Best Film dans la catégorie Generation 14plus.

On so many levels, this film has told us the story of people who are geographically and culturally so far away and yet were not foreign to us. The colours, music and poetry captivated us and made us experience the film in all its facets. Because of the superb acting and storytelling, the people were presented to us in their dignity and importance and given an authentic feeling. The film has raised discussions, and it should continue to do so. We were convinced politically, poetically, stylistically and humanly.

Les membres du the Youth Jury in Generation 14plus – Julina Jung, Ion Kebernik, Shahida Kitzov, Lucia Maluga, Rocco Mehlhose, Mette Maren Schmahl and Rita Stelling

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Notre-Dame du Nil remporte le Crystal Bear à la Berlinale 2020